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  • prof. Jana Dostálová, CSc. (VŠCHT v Praze)

  • assoc. prof. Ružena Uherová, PhD. (STU Bratislava)

  • Dana Gabrovská, Ph.D. (Food and Drink Industries of the Czech Republic)

  • prof. Leoš Pavlata, Ph.D. (MENDELU)

  • assoc. Prof. Achyut Adhikari, Ph.D. (Louisiana State University AgCenter, School of Nutrition and Food Sciences, Louisiana, United States of America)

  • assoc. Prof. Ivica Kos, PhD (University of Zagreb/Sveučilište u Zagrebu, Croatia - Hrvatska)

  • assoc. Prof. Ivan Vnučec, PhD (University of Zagreb/Sveučilište u Zagrebu, Croatia - Hrvatska

  • dr hab. inż. Bartosz Sołowiej (University of Life Sciences in Lublin/Uniwersytet Przyrodniczy w Lublinie - Polska) 


and team of employees and students of the Department of Food Technology, Faculty of AgriSciences, Mendel University in Brno

As part of the ID2023 activities the workshop "Hygiene and control process in food production of animal origin" took place as part of the project No. SGC-2021-017 (The possibilities of using modern detection methods in the control and monitoring of the occurrence of hygienically important microorganisms in the environment of production and processing of food raw materials and food of animal origin) (organizers: Ing. Anna Seidlová, Ing. Jan Slováček).